Education and Training Ambassadors

Aaron Saxton

As Director of Training and Education for technology brand UKFast, we are really excited to have Aaron on board and are looking forward to the ideas that he can bring.

Aaron joined UKFast in 2013, after a 12-year career in teaching that saw him front the Training and Development Agency’s national recruitment campaign ‘Get into Teaching’ as well as being recognised as a National Ambassador for Teaching. Aaron drives UKFast’s education push both internally and in the community, and is pivotal in the development of the upcoming UKFast Dean Trust school.

Dr Abdullahi Sheriff specialises in designing and scaling up of innovative services and service delivery models in Healthcare & Life sciences. Dr Sheriff has worked with a range of clients in the UK, Middle East, US and Africa to launch ventures, transform organisations, deliver improvement programmes, turnaround challenging programmes & deliver complex transformation.

Dr Abdullahi Sheriff

Liam Gallimore

Liam Gallimore is a Police Cadet from Greater Manchester.

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Like Liam Gallimore, Rachel is a Police Cadet from Greater Manchester.

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Rachel Ware

Carmine Grimshaw

I was born in Ancoats in 1962, leaving school at the age of 16 with no formal qualifications I managed to get myself an apprenticeship with E. raffles & Co on Bradford road, then I gained my first licence as a street trader on Thomas street since then I  worked alongside my brother in the retail sector running a family business until about 11 years ago, during this time I was chair of the A-5 off licence pilot, a Scheme set up with MCC to bringing licensees up to date with new legislation and offering training aimed at prevention of sales to young people, through this work I was offered the opportunity to work for Manchester Leisure,sitting within the Positive Futures team, running their Truancy Programme, we provided sporting provision that helped social and emotional development of young people who were excluded from mainstream provision for one reason or another.

This work had positive impact on young people raising self confidence, throughout my time with the positive futures team, I coordinated alongside MCCs crime reduction team, activities for the respect programme that ran in Newton Heath and several other programmes of engagement with young people from hard to reach groups or marginalized young people to stop them getting involved in crime or a gang culture.

Anita Ryan was born and bred in Greater Manchester and is Manchester through and through. The Singer and Host has performed for some of Manchester’s elite including residency at Manchester United and events for Sir Alex Ferguson. Anita started as a singer from a young age and has been performing with family since she was a child. Her family are all performers so it was inevitable she was going to go down this road as a career.

As a Mum of two young children, Anita is the perfect example of how to master both a busy home life and a flourishing career. Her singing and hosting career is going from strength to strength and 2019 is looking to be her biggest and best year yet.

“To be asked to be an Ambassador for Team High Sherrif is an absolute honour. I will dedicate my time and experience to work with The High Sherrif to the best of my ability and I am proud to represent the wonderful city of Manchester and it’s amazing people.”

Anita Ryan

Cherylee Houston

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Will is a nurse specialising in Cancer and Physical Activity. He qualified as a nurse in 2016. He works mainly at The Christie supporting cancer patients with some of the most complex health issues. His main interest is helping people to do the things they really want to be doing. His special interest is in physical activity and the importance of this in maintaining and restoring wellbeing. He has been a physical activity champion for Public Health England and he is currently leading work to get cancer chemotherapy patients fitter for treatment.

Will is a determined campaigner for everyone having access to the opportunity to pursue their passions. Being physically activity is free and he wants to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and inspire people of all ages and abilities to get involved. Life is for living.

William Preece

Christina Underhill

Christina has  been in the role of Community Liaison Coordinator at John Lewis Cheadle for 9 years.  She believes it is a privilege to support the local community and work with so many varied and diverse charities and community groups.  Her passion for encouraging Partners to be involved and enhance both their lives and those in the community via charitable work has seen John Lewis Cheadle build lasting relationships over many years.  Some examples of this are mentoring in local schools, working with the homeless to try and support a way back into work and raising funds for so many charities and countless makeovers of rooms and gardens in the local area.  

Christina says ” It is a great honour to be asked to be an Ambassador and I look forward to being involved in many amazing projects that will support many amazing people”.

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Shahid Sherzai