Welcome to #TeamHighSheriff friends who support our vision and mission to help young people be the best they can with a variety of opportunities, activities and tools. 

Dr Martin Boulton is the High Master at The Manchester Grammar School.

The Manchester Grammar School is delighted to join Team High Sheriff. We see a clear alignment in our values and we want to work together to invest in the young people of Manchester. The School has a rich history of community engagement and we encourage all of our pupils to take part in some form of volunteering. Projects range from mentoring in local primary schools to adult language classes with victims of human trafficking. We see the rich rewards that our pupils gain in their personal development and well-being as a result of these opportunities.

The way in which we hope to support the valuable work of Team High Sheriff is in sharing our expertise in the setting up and running of outreach programmes for young people. We have also made the offer of the School as a venue for Team High Sheriff events.