Businesses across the North West are committing to providing 500 apprenticeship opportunities in the coming year thanks to a drive by The High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Robina Shah.

Through her Team High Sheriff initiative, Shah and her ambassadors are launching a new event that sees businesses across the region committing to hiring apprentices and building young people’s careers.

Joining the push is technology brand UKFast, opening 100 technical apprenticeship vacancies to the region’s young people. UKFast CEO and Team High Sheriff Ambassador Lawrence Jones MBE has long been a keen advocate of training and development opportunities outside of traditional education and currently employs 62 people through the apprenticeship scheme.

Jones said: “There is undeniably still a stigma attached to apprenticeships but, in reality, they are an extraordinarily valuable alternative to university. There is no replacement for learning on the job from an early age, for being immersed in the workplace from the get-go.

“Around 18% of our workforce at UKFast is made up of current or former apprentices. The value and energy that they bring to the team is unparalleled. I am excited to support Robina in this drive to provide opportunities for young people and helping more of them onto the career ladder.”

During her year in the ceremonial role as High Sheriff, Robina has pledged to focus on tackling the issues that matter most to young people in our region through conversations with young people themselves.

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